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Join us for our annual release of the craft lover’s cult classic DIPA, Citra- Lingus.


Lots planned to get you in the mood for Valentine’s Day Thursday-Saturday. Feb. 10-12.


-FREE RAFFLE (with purchase) to win The Myth of Citra-Lingus print. These 16X20 prints will be printed on Museum quality, archival paper. They will be signed by the photographer (The Mayor of Basic City), Bart Lanman, & the brewer (The Wizard of Wort), Derek Hornig. They will be framed for safe keeping. They will be numbered & dated; there will only be 10 of this quality printed this year. The raffle will happen every hour on the hour. The print is the event photo above. 

Saturday 12-10p.


A Citra-Lingus variant Release: 

Mandarin Orange Citra-Lingus. 

Draft only. Thursday-Saturday. 



With every purchase we will adorn you with a Hawaiian Lay. (first come first serve). Saturday.


Pin the Stamen on the Lingus Flower: 

In this contest the winner receives

a $35 gift card. 

Saturday 2p, 4p, 6p.


A sweet-heart dance with live band: Little Walter & The Convictions.

Saturday 7-10p


Billy Pie Brick Fire Pizza Special:  

"A Round of Surf & Turf"

Filet Mignon & Eye of Round with Mushrooms on ½ & lobster & kamaboko crab on the other half- White Pizza. Add a Charcuterie Board for the full experience. 

Thursday- Saturday.


The Showroom Cocktail Specials:

 Inspired by the Love & Passion of 

The Captain & the Mrs. Dick:

-Drink Gin &. Sin

-Aphrodite's Chocolate Rose

-Cupid's Bubble Bath

-Absinthe makes the Heart Grow Fonder



Gypsysip Day of the Lingus special:

A non-alcoholic D8 beverage infused with the color of passion, Red. The color is drawn from another beautiful flower, other than the rose, the Hibiscus flower. With a hint of Spice from ginger and Sweet from monk-fruit (no added sugar) plus a dose of D8 this beverage should elevate Passion. 

 (contract-brewed & distributed by our partners Merge Illogistics).

4pk/12oz $14.99. Thursday-Saturday



Why Citra-Lingus on Valentine’s Day? 

The Myth of Citra-Lingus:

It is said that there was a Rose that grew deep within the thorny brambles.

Its dew oozes golden nectar. 

Its aroma seduces 

& a drop on the tongue induces 

Overwhelming Passion.


Citra-Lingus (translated as "Golden- Tongue") is brewed with just that Passion. Its 100% Citra hopped. It’s viscous. Its juicy. Soft bodied. Its aroma seduces & (warning) a sip may induce a passionate response.



Citra-Lingus DIPA, 7.6%ABV

16oz 4pk & Draft

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